Leto Beats, Amanda Paterson, dlyric – Theorization [Symphonic Distribution]

Detailed of passion this album takes his in unchain to a intact new up on and uncovers some of the hardest struggles and darkest truths around his existence and today's organization while feeding your fervour with enlightenment and power. Theorization produced by Leto Beats is the beforehand EP album released by dLyric.

dlyric - Theorization (Intro) (Original Mix)
dlyric - Lay It Down (Original Mix)
dlyric - Who Is D (Original Mix)
dlyric - Just Breathe (Original Mix)
dlyric - The Pitch (Interlude) (Original Mix)
dlyric, Amanda Paterson - This Room (feat. Amanda Paterson) (Original Mix)
dlyric, Amanda Paterson - Role Model (feat. Amanda Paterson) (Original Mix)
dlyric, Leto Beats - Ying Yang (feat. Leto Beats) (Original Mix)
dlyric - Strong Minded (Outro) (Original Mix)