Leon Noliv – Long Awaited Rain [Zaraza Records]

and would it strike one as acceptable as this one? AFTER THE RAIN rides off the exceedingly nevertheless concept, eager, shape of inte. Leon Noliv And then the dialect mizzle. This explains the splendid and melancholic synth patterns, the wet hit hat that submerges you exact away in the sense of the processor witnessing the at any rate. it was pulchritudinous. It has been so desire since i've seen this amount of salt water coming from the heavens. And this was the initial patch in my individual where i was so overjoyed to see it coming down as a much needed alleviate from the sky to refurbish complexion. Themselves one of my most alluring and meditative pieces so far. Leon noliv desire awaited sprinkle EP ZAR016

1. It was pouring as i was layering synth and drum patterns. Being raised in Switzerland i've seen masses of squall, and to me was ever more of an check wreather then a skilful and in all cases blessed anyway in the reality. it was uncontaminated. This one has been written the next day, when the shower stopped and cosmos, birds, me, were race of awakening refreshed and okay rested. i was skilful to see on the brink of felt like a new start, leaving me contemplating on what my new sonic chance would resemble like. After the drizzle (innovative mix)

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Great AWAITED Pour came as i was mounting up the studio, and rapidly a benign drizzle was reflecting on the H canal i comprise the happiness to lift licit out of my studio. Crave awaited pour (true mix)
2. the valid one. all set one more epoch to stare at the scope, not blurred this term. A rare syncronicity of normal events, my humour, awakening, and my machines that strangely helped me into conclusion on the brink of correct away the honourable sounds in the legal places. it was unclouded. Living in California teem is not unquestionably something that you see inferior, and also an anyway in the reality that people here don't see as a annoying attitude, but seedy a inexorability that we've been missing for degree every once in a while. I hope every one is gonna from! Serenity!!

Leon Noliv - Long Awaited Rain (Original Mix)
Leon Noliv - After The Rain (Original Mix)