Leman & Dieckmann, Stevie R, Namito, Ron Flatter – Youmai / No2 [Motek Music]

From Germany the mighty Ron Flatter joins the Motek family with his EP 'Youmai / No2'. Steeped in groove and drive 'Youmai' is a perfect peak time floor thriller. Warm pad pulses and bass pushes weave their way across the arrangement whilst a strong synth lead and high flourishing effects dance around, creating strong and unexpected focal points. 'No2' is a raw sounding, full on piece of dance music. Live percussive textures add serious depth to the production adding to the driving, gritty bass pad and relentless hi-hat patterns. Remixing this release we welcome back the fantastic Namito & Stevie R, and from Copenhagen rising stars Leman & Dieckmann. Namito & Stevie R have brought their style to 'Youmai', adding a darkness and relentless feel to the track. Constant builds in arrangement drive the track on, all based around the continuous vocal loop. The remix is finished with trippy lead synths elaborating and rising on top of the core track foundation. Leman & Dieckmann have given their take to 'No2'. A spacious, reverb filled track that carries serious weight. The duo have made their version slower in feel than the other tracks on this release with subtle groove interplay between the percussion and synth parts, drawing you into their musical vision.

Ron Flatter - Youmai (Original Mix)
Ron Flatter - No2 (Original Mix)
Ron Flatter - Youmai (Namito & Stevie R Remix)
Ron Flatter - No2 (Leman & Dieckmann Remix)