Legross, Xenwell, Graymaxx – Universe (deluxe Verison) [Elexpread Records]

Album resolve carry 8 tracks including another 7 extended versions for DJs to carouse them globally from clubs to festivals. It's lifetime for our rather singular communiqu that that we mentioned on Graymaxx's free 'Meklord' from his album 'Circle'. Curb out Elepxread Records in all stores worldwide and commandeer your copies. Most of all electro homestead influenced there resolve be tracks from another genres keeping variety of the album.

Graymaxx - Intro (Original Mix)
Graymaxx - Universe (Radio Edit)
Graymaxx - Beauty of Silence (Radio Edit)
Graymaxx - GO! (Radio Edit)
Graymaxx - Empire (Radio Edit)
Graymaxx, Xenwell - Ignition (Radio Edit)
Graymaxx - Megatron (Radio Edit)
Graymaxx, Xenwell, Legross - Meklord (Radio Edit)
Graymaxx - Universe (Original Mix)
Graymaxx - Beauty of Silence (Original Mix)
Graymaxx - GO! (Original Mix)
Graymaxx - Empire (Original Mix)
Graymaxx, Xenwell - Ignition (Original Mix)
Graymaxx - Megatron (Original Mix)
Graymaxx, Xenwell, Legross - Meklord (Original Mix)