Lee Walker – Locked In Ep [DFTD]

2. The 'Locked In EP' has the word-for-word heavyweight climax-era sound that caught people's distinction on 'Mutant Like Me', with driving beats that are guaranteed to get people jumping on the dancefloor. It's a daring EP of two equally dancefloor-matey tracks that nails the bassline/tech descendants composite echo. The video of Marco Carola dropping it at Amnesia has amassed over and above one million views and the spoor has recently had a re-cut featuring vocals by Katy B and MNEK. The quirkily named 'Mooblerhythm' is a bit wobblier, with more spry fluctuation and a resounding rifle. With the dust settling on 'Fan Like Me', the power was on Lee for a comply with-up and his rejoinder is this two monitor EP for DFTD. On the championship footpath 'Locked In' Lee employs a catchy vocal totally that adds nebulousness, coupled with a strong-hat to keep things inspirational. Locked In

Written & Produced by Lee Walker
Vocals by Lee Walker
Published by Defected Music
P&C 2016 Defected Records Reduced dba DFTD Few tracks fuck up up in the way that Lee Walker's 'Eccentricity Like Me' did. Lee Walker 'Locked In EP'

1. It propelled the na Middlesbrough DJ into the searchlight, putting him on to the hottest venues nearly the UK and Ibiza.

Lee Walker - Mooblerhythm (Original Mix)
Lee Walker - Locked In (Original Mix)