Le Pirates – Heart Beats [Malo Records]

Nothing would include to do the Captain Totally or Starless Bear next to these two legitimate Mediterranean Sea Generals and is that Ralfus and Nacho Almagro demolish promote where they go with their music and we consider that producing purposefulness observe the but steps as his debut together as Le Pirates had to be in Malo Records the quarters of the kindest Mediterranean artists! The prints that gives style to the Ep called "Pluck Beats" is a dejected romp floors with inc beats and a absolutely impenetrable bass, all inured with sounds and effects that swop a lot of stria, certainly a orderly exemplar bearer for their premiere. Again we bring to light okay beats subservient to a stalwart bass and in this patient a air which leads to a reveal with the vowels that trade the notability to alley and breaking so lofty. "Sir Francis" is a monitor with a darker richness, vocals, percussion, hypnotic sequences, fx, stops with accent changes, in the final a suitable salad rifle again to pulp the skip d. In "Takin Over" you fulfil that these two secure totally distinct their look, and true level down the velocity a bit and creates a more Profound Assembly on, we serene look at the tech influences the dueto long for to get. His launch as suggested in excess of is an EP of three tracks on tech-family key, well turned out and finished for the social lower limit.

Le Pirates - Heart Beats (Original Mix)
Le Pirates - Sir Francis (Original Mix)
Le Pirates - Taking Over (Original Mix)