Lauren Zummo, Blood Drums – Blood Drums Ep [Impossible Records]

Founding members -whom all of which are drummers- consists of, Bobby Alt, Adam Alt and Candid Zummo, drummer for Krewella and Sum 41, had a imagination to generate something peculiar and unseen stemming from their passions for percussion, As of time, they've teamed up with music grower and everybody noted drummer extraordinaire, KJ Sawka of Pendulum and Destroid, uniting to capture this unrealistic plan upon and beyond what they've already achieved. 'Blood Drums' the album, houses an nasty, prong-tingling apocalyptic Mad Max mix of excessive-animation percussive music that's castigation with bigger measure, blood, sweat bullets and blazing with bass. This is not your usual EDM; scourging the litter yard, they've enchanted the concept of 'one mans garbage is another mans apple of one’s eye' to the next flush by depiction out the loyal soul of percussion, utilizing bring about objects, and combining them with the usual tools of the line of work to think up one epic engagement, and stomping album. as the "Garments of the Year", Blood Drums -also known as 'Circle Drum Women'- initiation their latest self-titled album 'Blood Drums'. Distributed By Symphonic Order – Dubbed by DRUM Ammunition!

Blood Drums - Inception (Original Mix)
Blood Drums - Savage (Original Mix)
Blood Drums, Lauren Zummo - Fire (feat. Lauren Zummo) (Original Mix)
Blood Drums - Destroy them with Drums (Original Mix)
Blood Drums - The End (Original Mix)