Lauren L’aimant, Mark Mackenzie – Swell / Back Where We Started [Fly Boy Records]

Brand Mackenzie follows up his sorority smash 'Make known Me What' with two thorough gems on Fly Boy Records. The adapt reaches a pacifying payoff with a broad low end and cloudless, hooky top lines – all the key ingredients for the utmost of any DJ set. This unchain sees Pock inquire a more liberal side to his productions and shows a actual maturing of his look. Searing leads, fat drop-kick drums and a rolling Moog bassline induce this strain a heartfelt recreation for the ears. 'Help Where We Started' brings the speed down diet but keeps the vigour levels expensive. It's easygoing to see why this under age grower is loose fashionable an established notability in his native Scotland and beyond. 'Swell' kicks things off with an transmissible arp slash, coruscating percussion and grooving vocal chops in advance of breaking down into the emotional tones of London crooner Lauren L'aimant, sounding like a 90s try lifted from a archetypal household log.

Mark Mackenzie, Lauren L'aimant - Swell (Original Mix)
Mark Mackenzie - Back Where We Started (Original Mix)
Mark Mackenzie, Lauren L'aimant - Swell (Dub Mix)