Laser Rot – Cofunktion [Sublabel Records]

Thanks you! But most importantly music can create people together. Music is something we due. It can calm you down and put you to siesta, or wake you up and get you on your feet. I wanted to get as numberless people tortuous as I could; people that allot my passion for music. Without these people this album would not be struck by been undiminished, and assuredly not less as fun to engender. Thanks to Tanya Beszeditz for her vocal chops on "Funky Leaning", Matt Winne for stroking the guitar strings on "The Way" and "Mellifluous", Dennis Pappenfus for his guitar riffs on "We Got That Music", Peter Lansford who co-wrote "Mellifluous" with me, and Palace Queenside who co-wrote "Innominate". When I was sensible fro the running I wanted to go with this album the one emotional attachment that kept coming abet to me, to and throughout, is that I wanted this to be a collaborative work. CoFunktion – The r where two or more talents arrive together to occasion the FUNK! It can recall unhappiness or joy. Survival is all hither working together, and when we do, we attain something greater than ourselves. Music is a wonderful fad.

Laser Rot - That Love Thang (Original Mix)
Laser Rot - Funky Love feat. Tanya Beszeditz (Original Mix)
Laser Rot - The Way feat. Matt Winne (Original Mix)
Laser Rot - Mellifluous feat. Peter Lansford and Matt Winne (Original Mix)
Laser Rot - You're Wonderful (Original Mix)
Laser Rot - Innominate feat. Castle Queenside (Original Mix)
Laser Rot - We Got That Music feat. Dennis Pappenfus (Original Mix)