Lars from Mars, Fiat600, Frank Benkho, Silvio Paredes – Poptronics Remixes [Clang]

In December 2015 the Chilean musician Silvio Paredes, with a long and distinguished artistic trajectory in his home country, released what was his second solo album entitled Poptronics. As the name suggests, the album mixed electronic music with sounds and compositional structures from pop music. This work was nominated in Chilean Pulsar Award's Top Five Albums 2015 in the electronic music category.
In January of 2016 Silvio Paredes moved to England to further the circulation of his music, present his work live to new audiences and interact with European musicians looking for new creative experiences.
Seven months after the release of Poptronics and following several successful concerts in the UK and Germany, Silvio decided to invite a handful of renowned electronic musicians of different styles and creative approaches to participate in a remix project.
Andre Bucci's remix emphasizes the groove and provides a pleasant and warm ambient mood, whereas Danieto proposes a mystical inner journey, ripe vith vertigo and a dash of psychodelia. Calfuco is a spot in southern Chile and Vigliensoni gives life to its lush forests, big cliffs, the powerful Pacific Ocean and the constantly drizzling rain. Frank Benkho uses some cunning harmonic shifts enhanced by bass synth and exacerbated ornaments to convey a feeling of absorption, whereas Fiat600 lowers the tempo and lead us into a dark and sombre world, as the vocal of Javier Barria is juxtaposed by an Afro-American choir. Finally, Lars Graugaard honours his stage name 'Lars from Mars' as he takes us by the hand and we fly with him across the surprising surface of the planet Mars with its valleys, ravines and mountains, with a distant Earth hovering over the horizon.

  • Release date: 2016-07-15
  • Label: Clang
  • Genre: Chill Out
  • Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Silvio Paredes - Copo de nieve (Andres Bucci Remix)
Silvio Paredes - El pata (Danieto Remix)
Silvio Paredes - Calfuco (Vigliensoni Remix)
Silvio Paredes - Soulwalk (Frank Benkho Remix)
Silvio Paredes - Zapatos azules (Fiat600 Remix)
Silvio Paredes - El pata macian (Lars From Mars Remix)