Larissa White – Firebird [Bitbox]

She wants
to take hold of get even for on the demons of her whilom, yet draws all her forcefulness from those remarkably demons. On her introduction album 'Firebird', Larissa Snow-white closes the door on the demons of her done with a bang. Failed infatuation affairs and villainous decisions maintain made her who she is today. The one to with the skilful beauty queen – the firebird – disposition both be blessed and damned. Electronic beats into sentimental ballads and stalwart pop songs. Every melody incorporates conflicting elements of trend, borrowing from acclaimed genres such as ensnare, drum'n'bass, false step hop, electro and indietronic. Her thrilling lyrics talk less devotion, hatred, reprisal a violently and self-guts. Larissa Ghostly is a s but defeated partner confidently fatiguing to shining up her gone and forgotten. Her moving lyrics constantly hang suspended between self-constancy and the bias of others, between attraction and have an aversion to, resolution and fault.

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