Landings, Jabru, Howson’s, Kalahara – Wildfire [Black Echo Records]

Wildfire' is driven pushy using syncopated drums and soaring
chords that conduct alongside Kaye's infirm yet inviting vocal. The EP's aesthetic is a constantly evolving relationship, and sees the duo tender both sunlight and unlit contrasts
over a backdrop of profound bass and despondent tones. This October marks the hurl of Coal-black Reverberate Records by newly formed UK duo Kalahara and their
premiere isolated 'Wildfire', featuring remixes from Howson's Slot, Jabru and Landings.

Kalahara - Wildfire (Original Mix)
Kalahara - Wildfire (Howson's Groove Remix)
Kalahara - Wildfire (Jabru Remix)
Kalahara - Wildfire (Landings Remix)
Kalahara - Wildfire (Radio Edit)
Kalahara - Wildfire (Instrumental)