Lamer, Yung Dutch, Spurz, Tigerwing – Black Light/white Lies [Drama Hands]

Calgary's Tigerwing is a musical force to behold — performer, vocalist, producer; equally deft in all — she creates powerful, provocative art and we are thrilled to present Black Light / White Lies.

"Abraca-Bye" kicks things off — a visceral 808 anthem with the male-dominated music scene in its crosshairs as tense synths ride on top of plunging basslines and vindictive double time switch ups. "Cold Hands" is a teetering slow jam built on swirling, hazy synths which lace themselves amidst lyrics of cautious physicality, while bells circle delicately around your head space. "Tell Me" starts as a bit of sparse piano and drums and quickly grows into a dynamic showcase of Tigerwing's signature vocal arrangement and manipulation, with her voice flitting and darting out from a chorus of one.

Drama Hands resident Spurz returns on remix duties, giving "Abraca-Bye" a harrowing, frenetic footwork refix. Calgary duo Yung Dutch put a pulsing, cybernetic twist on "Cold Hands", welding on some punishing sub work in the process. Edmonton's Lamer take the driving 4/4 feel of "Tell Me" and run with it, replacing most of the original elements with moody pads that slowly evolve amidst the pair's trademark minimalist percussion.

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Tigerwing - Abraca-Bye (Original Mix)
Tigerwing - Cold Hands (Original Mix)
Tigerwing - Tell Me (Original Mix)
Tigerwing - Abraca-Bye (Spurz 'Broken Rib' weapon)
Tigerwing - Cold Hands (Yung Dutch 160 Edit)
Tigerwing - Tell Me (Lamer remix)