La Kos, Smokah Dee, Shiny Radio – The Warrior [Silent Audio]

Mesmerising and heartwarming soundscapes are guaranteed to capture you on a faux pas to the prospective resemble of fluent. With La Kos and Smokah Dee on vocal duties, this album drive decorate the possibilities when Drum & Bass is combined with torpedo vocals that lot from essence to ragga. As in front, Ilya Solonikov proves himself amongst the top solution funk masters of Russia with this alluring remnant of present-day drum & bass music. Polished Receiver returns to Stilly to showcase the next chapter of his melodic wend on, The Warrior LP.

Shiny Radio - Soul Of A New Sword (Original Mix)
Shiny Radio, Smokah Dee - The Warrior (Original Mix)
Shiny Radio - Tricky Game (Original Mix)
Shiny Radio, La Kos - Make My Dreams Come True (Original Mix)
Shiny Radio - Be True To You (Original Mix)
Shiny Radio, La Kos - Good Day (Original Mix)
Shiny Radio - Grace & Glory (Original Mix)
Shiny Radio, La Kos - When I Met You (Original Mix)
Shiny Radio, La Kos - Nonsense (Original Mix)