Kurt Baggaley, Adam Rowe, au Voyage, Jeholornis – Imagine, A Computer In Your Own Home [Talahachi]

Once only the subject of science fiction, it is increasingly likely that in the next few decades many of us will have computers in our own homes. Although the science fiction writers imagined these would probably be the size of of an entire room, you can already purchase powerful machines that resemble nothing more than a typewriter keyboard which connects to your television set. Mainly used to ease otherwise laborious accounting chores, you can also use them to play games and, if current developments continue, you might soon be using one to draw a picture or compose a piece of music.

Jeholornis - New Possibilities, New Perspectives (Original Mix)
Tim Smith - Amore cosmico (Original Mix)
Kieran-Alexis - FloatSpace (Original Mix)
Cyclonix - Tatooine (Original Mix)
Rodney Bennett - My Life With The Space Invaders (Original Mix)
au Voyage - Neonium (Original Mix)
Adam Rowe - Ponytails (Original Mix)
Jeholornis - Five, Ten (Original Mix)
Kurt Baggaley - Who Are You? (Original Mix)