KUNO, Trenton Chase, DimDJ – Dimdj Th04 [TH Tar Hallow]

DimDj has no control over his life. Machines, records and noise boxes took over years ago. This is more than confirmed by this 5-track journey from acid techno to the old-school electro and further to Kuno's dystopia, who delivers a complete acidic rework over PTN1.

All tracks produced by DimDJ.
A3 – Vocals by Trenton Chase
B1 – Remixed by Kuno
B2 – Additional synth work by Wirenightmare Music

DimDJ - Rats & Snakes Kill (Original Mix)
DimDJ - PTN1 (Original Mix)
DimDJ, Trenton Chase - Computer Beats feat. Trenton Chase (Original Mix)
DimDJ - PTN1 (KUNO Remix)
DimDJ - Erase The Time (Original Mix)
DimDJ - The Pope (Original Mix)