Kristina – Material Domain Ep [Askance Discs]

Both tracks delineate indirectly the techno side from Kristina, where she moves from Dub to Techno with a cyclical and hypnotic moving parts obtaining two pieces that delimit themselves by their value and forcefulness that makes 'Elements Area 'an primary EP. The Analog Solutions associate presents this stretch The A side on a more forceful way where Kristina hub on her emotions strictly for the social overthrow, sated of liveliness,and certainly with a more unmistakable and martial symbol, which intention be surely serviceable for DJ sets with a more ecliptic scope. After individual months Kristina returns to Askance Disk with 'Papers Province Ep' a drudgery uniform more intrepid than the preceding one, brim-full of other atmospheres and strange arrangements, while maintaining the Dub label that characterizes Askance. On B side, we unearth a denouement that leads you to an unavoidable introspection.

Kristina - The Whisterblower (Original Mix)
Kristina - Coumarin (Original Mix)
Kristina - Fosil Fuels (Original Mix)
Kristina - Autocatalytic Chain (Original Mix)