Kristian Sheli, Schlepp Geist, Douglas Greed – Hub Twenty Ep [Hive Audio]

Whilst precise, percussive sequences and serpentine, melodic pads fix up with provision loads of pressure Kristina Sheli's expression creates a more hidden athmosphere which, years again, is supported by weighty, morphing low end attacks which wheel out to be the trademark sphere for this strange collaborational work that has created an Classic weapon for fall headlong sombre radical venues with this one for satisfied. Berlin's Schlepp Geist and Jena's Douglas Cupidity org been spending some distinction studio days together, crafting two dazzling tracks for their Hive Audio launching which is also a head in terms of a connection disenthral for these artists as both are generally recognized for their alone cuts on labels like BPitch In check or Freude Am Tanzen as articulately as Ritter Butzke Studio, Underyourskin Records and diverse more. Fully a hypnotic unison for perceptual journeys and ecstasy-inducing out of substance experiences. With their conformity Hub the two producers happen a chasmal, overdue edge of night TechHouse occurrence that takes dominance of advanced percussive stereo panning on top of a to a certain moroder'esque synthline as a crammed underpinning for slowly floating, inspired melodies and burdensome hitting bass stabs for all lovers of gnarly sawtooth attacks and klaxons. Here we go collabo moment! Eternal, the newer be aware of on this EP introduces the vocal knack of Kristina Sheli which is riding on a more humorous altering of the TechHouse sound.

Douglas Greed, Schlepp Geist - Hub (Original Mix)
Douglas Greed, Schlepp Geist, Kristian Sheli - Immortal (Original Mix)