Kristallklar, Aerospace, Kristallklar – Deep Shine [Digital Nature Records]

Digital Nature Records is very happy to announce the launch of Deep Shine, the massive new EP by Austrian producer Kristallklar (Philipp Schriebl), a trance DJ and producer since 2010 with some excellent releases for labels such as Phoenix Groove, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Eclipse Records and off course Digital Nature to name a few.
Elementary EP by Kristallklar features 2 brilliant brand new original tracks, crammed to the max with powerful aggressive progressive grooves, innovatively uplifting musical elements, spectacular rhythmic transitions, superb track structure, and true-trance vibe, bearing a unique and original sonic signature, and featuring a massive remix to Super Mario On Acid – the chart topper hit by Israeli mega producer Aerospace, creating a powerful trance experience and an excellent DJ tool. Must Have Release!

Kristallklar - Deep Shine (Original Mix)
Aerospace - Super Mario On Acid (Kristallklar Remix)