Kreature, Luigi Rocca, Ciszak – Body Free Ep [Suah Records]

The latest offering from Suah is brought to you by famed Brazilian producer Ciszak, still hot from his recent Dirtybird release he presents us with the 'Body Free EP'.

The title track has raw drums at it's foundation, a persistent female vocal, freaky resonating FX and a bassline that winds its way up and down the cutoff filter.
'Time' is a darker, more stripped back cut. The mid-range synths hold a more prominent place in this piece and the track as a whole is fairly understated. Another vocal hook finishes off the beat but is delivered in a much sparser fashion than 'Body Free'.
Third composition 'Madness' really shows off Ciszak's synth-work, with wide bending sounds in the former breakdown and a dark, descending lead in the latter. The track makes room for more mid-frequency fun by implementing breathy vocals over full words and skippy percussion creates a great groove.

The first remix comes from 303Lovers head honcho Luigi Rocca, who gives a new spin on the vocal, applies a stabby low-end and finishes everything off with a splash of summery chords. Finally we see Kreature interpret 'Time' in his own unique style by firing up those idiosyncratic synths in the breaks and reigning them all in for a broken bass driven groove post-drop.

Ciszak - Body Free (Original Mix)
Ciszak - Time (Original Mix)
Ciszak - Madness (Original Mix)
Ciszak - Body Free (Luigi Rocca Remix)
Ciszak - Time (Kreature Remix)