krankbrother – Outre/zauna [Krankbrother]

The crackles and dusty ambience that opens 'Outre' make easy way to a deliciously yawning and driving traces; ethereal stabs and overambitious strings fix up with provision the sonic vista for the lyrical synth motifs and choppy vocal refrains, ample with emotive resound and Detroit techno sensibilities. Another charging and robust staff cut to add to the Krankbrother arsenal…. 'Zauna', with its tribal cadence and mighty bassline, provides a heady concoction of doughty drums, frenetic percussion, wandering synth riffs and hypnotizing vocal chants, cleverly sampled and arranged from he afrobeat sounds from Nigeria. Krankbrother fulfil up two palatable new tracks for the tenth deliver on their own brand. The London DJs/producers/promoters from been flexing their melodic muscle since the labels inception final year, providing a plank for new artists like Joe Munday, The Quarterly Grinder and Jody Barr, serving up remixes from Prins Thomas, Splodge E and A Sagittariun, and of line dropping some crucial clout productions of their own.

krankbrother - Outre (Original Mix)
krankbrother - Zauna (Original Mix)