KoZY, Nico Kohler, DaGeneral, Bageera – Dumb & Dumber [General Surgery Records]

Being our 50th turn loose we would be more than on cloud ni to get wind of your thoughts. Overall Surgery Records reaches 50 releases, and we be undergoing been honoured to get some enormous names across the 2 years as we physique the brand up, with each pass out all being gigantic in their own veracious. For the 50th turn loose we take an EP from 'DaGeneral' and 'Bageera' funnily ample supply named 'Silent & Dumber' 2 Techno tracks with charisma and mark. Thanks for listening and keeping us motivated. On remix duties we receive two first-class producers that are doing the rounds at the tick in 'Nico Kohbler' and 'KoZY' who do an first-rate job to discoid up this discharge. Conceive by Joshua McAllister of Brand

Bageera, DaGeneral - Dumb (Original Mix)
Bageera, DaGeneral - Dumber (Original Mix)
Bageera, DaGeneral - Dumb (Nico Kohler Remix)
Bageera, DaGeneral - Dumber (KoZY Remix)