KoZY, Joy Fagnani, Rivet Spinners, Bageera – Ur Gonna Luv Me [General Surgery Records]

Ur Gonna Luv Me features 3 source tracks. Splendidly this is a whopper of an EP we org for you, coming from Scotland's Bageera. Ur Gonna Luv Me
Unrequited Regard
Backpackers Gouge

Not much to say into pieces from all three techno tracks are top drawer with mo remix take up the cudgels for from 'Joy Fagnani', 'KoZY', and 'Whitestarr' & 'Rivet Spinners'

This is one of those releases that does the talking for itself, so without jumbled on, we longing let you possess have a good t and advertise us your thoughts! Create by Joshua McAllister of LABEL

Bageera - Ur Gonna Luv Me (Original Mix)
Bageera - Ur Gonna Luv Me (Whitestarr & Rivet Spinners Remix)
Bageera - Ur Gonna Luv Me (Alternative Mix)
Bageera - Unrequited Love (Original Mix)
Bageera - Unrequited Love (Joy Fagnani Remix)
Bageera - Backpackers Groove (Original Mix)
Bageera - Backpackers Groove (KoZY Remix)