Kotelett & Zadak – Behind The Curtain Ep [Bar25 Music]

Up to the middle, Harissa presents itself in a twisted agility and is then intercepted by an intuitive apply. We procure waited a fancy experience for this launching. The documentation of ownership slot Behind The Curtain captivates with its recurring melodic chords and brief sub-basses. While the bruised line Deflection Off builds up slowly with tactful vocal elements and then develops its driving monogram, Harissa, the certain spoor, is trippy and contrasting in relation. With the decoupling celibate Behind The Curtain from the compilation series Kaleidoskop, the DJ and processor duo Kotelett & Zadak presents itself together with Bar25 Music.

Kotelett & Zadak - Behind The Curtain (Original Mix)
Kotelett & Zadak - Switch Off (Original Mix)
Kotelett & Zadak - Harissa (Original Mix)