Kosmas – Erato [Unica Records]

The classical theme of the artist as vessel of divine inspiration is a beautiful one. Unica pays homage to this and other classical themes and aesthetic values with MUSAS: A series of nine releases in which forward-thinking producers are asked to go backwards in time and assume the role of the ancient artist divinely inspired by the muse.

To serenade Erato – the muse of love poetry – respected producer Kosmas delivers a three track EP that is sure to entice dance-floors all over the globe.

The album opens with "Aperanto": Deliciously exotic drumming, swirling synths and a hypnotizing "flute-like" lead, effectively transports the listener to the spiritual realm. Then, to take us deeper into that realm, Kosmas invokes a groove of mythical proportions. "Expanding Consciousness", is without a doubt, the floor/lady-killer of the lot. It is climactic, beautiful and graciously deep. Finally, to conclude this beautiful progression of tracks with an open cadence, Kosmas invites us to ask ourselves: "What Am I?". Melodic lyricism, enticing harmonies and a steady techno groove somehow converge in this track that reminds us why Kosmas' music has been supported by the likes of Sasha, John Digweed, Nick Warren and Dave Seaman.

Kosmas - Aperanto (Original Mix)
Kosmas - Expanding Consciousness (Original Mix)
Kosmas - What Am I (Original Mix)