Kosmalski, Szkatulski – Mind Parasites Ep [Tenampa Recordings]

Supported by: Pig & Dan, Lee Van Dowski, Ramon Tapia, Alexi Delano, Affkt, Anthony Pappa, Stelios Vassiloudis, Chris Fortier. The EPs driving stabs and powering bass lines come to light and contrive an mise en scene that locks you in! With productions released on Butchs Imprint Bouq, as wonderfully as Monsoon Recordings and Natura Viva, the Cultivate duo are on a evaporate. This beat, the boys grasp a tougher approximate and resign The Memory Parasites EP: an the best 4-road Techno workout, crowded of chunky grooves that establish up and quicken as each spoor progresses. Towering striking truncheon music that is firm to effort agreeably on the globe's A-one sashay floors. The Mexican Tenampa Imprint welcomes Szkatulski & Kosmalski, who from heretofore proven their considerable standards when it comes to producing grandeur experimental electronic music.

Szkatulski, Kosmalski - Paralysis Heart (Original Mix)
Szkatulski, Kosmalski - Mind Parasites (Original Mix)
Szkatulski, Kosmalski - Paralysis Body (Original Mix)
Szkatulski, Kosmalski - Paralysis Soul (Original Mix)