Kornum, Karma – Today / Tell Me [NDYD Records]

While your beauty is packing up suncreen, towels and a bottle of the bubbly into the beach bag, Kornum & Karma's latest EP delivers the soundtrack for your exciting journey to the pool-party. The hip-moving 'Today' gets your lady into the right mood and she speeds up a bit since 'Today' covers both ends of house, the sexy-mellow part and equally the clubby part with it's UK Garage-inspired bass-line. Once you got into your classic beetle convertible, the second track of the Danish imprint takes over as 'Tell Me' kicks in to provide you the soundtrack for the trip towards where the action is. If you are into Lovebirds, Acos Coolkas or Satin Jackets, then you will be instantly loving 'Tell Me'. Enough said, let's have a mojito now, get one of those beach-chairs and enjoy the sunset Kornum & Karma!

Karma, Kornum - Today (Original Mix)
Karma, Kornum - Tell Me (Original Mix)