Koppi Mizrahi, GRRL – Workouts [Car Crash Set]

Since GRRL's club-crushing "Go Up" on C/C/S last year, he's gone on to become a trusted tastemaker on Nest and a fixture on NTS Radio. With "Workouts", GRRL returns with seven tracks of Ha Dance twists, mutations, and recombinations. "Warmup" pressurizes the cabin and makes way for "Hands" featuring vocals from Japan's vogue culture mainwoman Koppi Mizrahi. "Do It" and "Drop Ha" contort Ha tracks into new forms while "Whoa" runs through Bmore breaks. The tumbling title track "Workouts" is the most frenetic, leading to a much need "Cooldown" outro. This is the one you've been waiting for. Advance support from Nina Las Vegas, Plastician, & Teki Latex.

GRRL - Warmup (Intro) (Original Mix)
GRRL, Koppi Mizrahi - Hands feat. Koppi Mizrahi (Original Mix)
GRRL - Do It (Original Mix)
GRRL - Whoa (Original Mix)
GRRL - Drop Ha (Original Mix)
GRRL - Workouts (Original Mix)
GRRL - Cooldown (Outro) (Original Mix)