Konnect, Cool People – Slow Jam Ep [Piston Recordings]

They've seen releases on individual labels and featured on uncountable compilations. A impenetrable droning bass comes help of and quickly the route becomes fuller and groovier. Well-founde Wanna Bass with a attractive punchy drop-kick drum and level-headed snare patterns alongside crispy hats that set the scenery for a packed flowing rhythmical pattern to get down and grungy to. Since 2014 Konnect take shown their talents in the superior doable way, by churning out dignity vibes at every make over. This duo-ambiguous act own been lashing up a thunder-shower on the row with both groups creating some marvellous dancefloor cuts. Level-headed People be enduring won multiple DJ competitions in Spain and after that they sure to unite forces to invite their sprightly and emphatic lap interpretation to the clubs. A wonderfully textured slice of tech homestead that is not to be missed. Unflappable vocal shots cincture out raising the rate of the slot as the bassline starts to force its vicinity known. First-rate tackle with a nod to the oldskool that resolution most for all please to the discerning clubber and DJ. Konnect aka DJ and impresario duo Carlos Hdez and Phil Luttgenau, and Self-possessed People aka Jose Alonso and Jonay Fel, coming out on Plunger with the illusory Lackadaisical Jam EP. We're enchant to maintain these four artists at Plunger and we hope to see more in the tomorrow. A unruffled vocal gets things affecting also and leads us into a irrational synth puncture that carries a retro vibe while plucky bass hits ascent up the liveliness. All over and beyond the prints we're treated to some unequalled synth stabs that evince in individual forms and blend effortlessly with the profound fundamental bassline. Lallygagging Jam sets out with a undying styled punchy punt and shuffling hat concatenation that wish patently get feet to the floors.

Cool People, Konnect - Slow Jam (Original Mix)
Cool People, Konnect - Just Wanna Bass (Original Mix)