Koko, Rush Arp, Niccolo Borgi – Dum Mai [Re.Face]

In the footsteps of this dialectics, KOKO and Speed Arp on their pause, shades of the anyhow underlying concept

Distributed by Pressology – The 10th diss by RE Aspect, proposes the look of Niccolo Borgi, juvenile Italian forte, signed by two native tracks, Cer Si Mare and Dum Mai, all the more elemental of a minimalist capacity in the pudding club with ingenious suaveness. Dum Mai EP is just about to the more cultivated and intellectually charming prompted today by an increasingly choosy and briefed open.

Niccolo Borgi - Cer Si Mare (Original Mix)
Niccolo Borgi - Dum Mai (Original Mix)
Niccolo Borgi - Dum Mai (Rush Arp Remix)
Niccolo Borgi - Dum Mai (Koko Interpretation)