Kojake – Running [MSLX Black Label]

'OCTAVE Depressed' hooks you with contagious pianos and bluesy guitars – good of a swing quarters mongrel way. The ultra expensive dash way ''THONES' has a aromatic usher and some absolutely phat synth stabs – its reminiscent of the dense electro lodgings Justness, Seb Leger, and other french producers were making a few years ago. get high on! 'Guy Turbulent' – is another KOJAKE styled stone ancestry footmarks with distorted guitars squelchy synths. The 'Meet EP' kicks off with 'Mental DAY,' potent synth stabs, and the funkiest bass present. Funky Wallop reprimand Bass artist KOJAKE drops 4 tracks of brisk nudisco, and dwelling.

Kojake - Crazy Day (Original Mix)
Kojake - Thones (Original Mix)
Kojake - Octave Blue (Original Mix)
Kojake - Dude High (No Vox)