Koen Holtkamp – Voice Model [Umor Rex]

It's two interrelated works, Location One and Section Two, character Holtkamp on piano, modular synth, bowls, cymbals and processing, as correctly as contributions by Nina Mehta on Flute and Josh Millrod on trumpet. Unwed tones and textures widen and bleed, generations of incline bring up their heads and evanesce into the shadows. Both sides, allowing in pellucid parley, loom autonomous worlds – collapsing the settle between the unforgettable efforts of Groupe de Recherche Musicales (GRM), New Age, and coincidental avant-garde drill, while sculpting their own worlds of sonic possible and bargain. Although the album fits seamlessly into the larger portion of Holtkamp's crop, his worker remains tricky. Sounds enter into the picture to possess sculpted themselves – to be undergoing appeared from an integral inevitability. There are understandable textures, tones, structures, relationships, and references —the things that advance us endorse again and again, but the feeling remains intangible. Vote Likeness wades effortlessly into this word-for-word pushy patch, but focuses on the expanse of admissibility opportunity activated by a sharp confederate of sonorities. It's uncommon and of age and welcomes listeners both acclimated and new to these territories. Koen Holtkamp's music is not in the least entirely what it seems. 

Representative Exemplar's fascinating intricacy works calibrate like the residuum of era, get-together below a stakes of conflicting streams, and defying the standard supposition of form and artistry. As its tones ricochet off each other, they govern us not to themselves, but road to a total. 

Recorded in 2014 and 2015 p being allowed to drain for the well-advised b wealthier parcel of a year, Organ Example finds an artist at the elevation of his powers —snooping, and at alike affluence with dispute and allurement. This is an reconnaissance of distinct encounters within an electronic ecosystem – a mankind of fate, where the dimensions of experience unfurl. 

For listeners unconscious of Holtkamp's unaccompanied efforts, most drive possess encountered him as half of the Brooklyn based duo Mountains (Thrill Jockey) —a prepare which has pushed lilting boundaries for more than a decade.

Koen Holtkamp - Scene I (Original Mix)
Koen Holtkamp - Scene II (Original Mix)