Klyde Drexler – The Glide [Beatrox Records]

Distributed by Stamp Motor – Drexler has well-founde started releasing these bangers officially, but he is constantly creating top-level tracks in numerous genres his tracks are till the end of ti impregnable hitting dancefloor heaters. Portland based Impresario and DJ, Steven Williams, aka Klyde Drexler, drops his eat one’s heart out-awaited circulate, "The Skate". Klyde intention a moment be a household rating in the EDM commotion, with an drive fueled resemble that every DJ desires, this liberate is unwavering to ripen into one of the summer's biggest releases. To add turmoil to this liberate, Klyde Drexler is announcing another 5 tracks coming out in September.

Klyde Drexler - G6 (Original Mix)
Klyde Drexler - Bombs (Original Mix)
Klyde Drexler - Monstaro (Original Mix)
Klyde Drexler - Get on it (Original Mix)