Klaina, Linear Straight, Tom Dazing, Trish Van Eynde – Goon The Remixes [Electric Art Recordings]

The original version 'Goon' is an energetic building track with a great hook line and a staccato drive that stands out. Linear Straight makes us dive into pure underground with his industrial and dark warmth while Tom Dazing seems to follow this direction into proper techno. Both building contemporary techno tracks with slamming kicks and tunnel sounds. Klaina's remix is a melodic climax that reminds us of Octave one 'I believe'… very analog feeling track … the way we like it. The remixes definitely add color and versatility to this catchy dance floor track. Go with the flow, keep it techno….

Trish Van Eynde - Goon (Revisited)
Trish Van Eynde - Goon (Tom Dazing's Hired Remix)
Trish Van Eynde - Goon (Linear Straight Remix)
Trish Van Eynde - Goon (Klaina Extended Remix)