KlaFF – The Dreamer [Party On]

KlaFF, 'the band's name 'cause I do not want to be in German icebreaker.'
For the 'philosophy of philosophy books to say that no one saw or recklessly spread page.
Kanji I wonder if this name seems a philosopher named Carol Le host.
Immediately prior to the German 'Kleine -' I found the words that begin with.
Called 'Klaff [interjection] Ruff (barking). It does the perfect fit.
When invited to a cultural festival in early autumn, it has never happened to Beomeosa 2015 performances.
Our music is a little loud accept spleen were many people, young children, was no exception.
When I see their Blocking the ear came off the stage without real motivation, we weighed ourselves grow fails
Also real, also the desire, even while everyone forgot goal, came down out of the mountain of Beomeosa.
I wonder a standstill. No thing goes if you want to try, no matter how valuable on the ride to the concert seemed to be shrinking.
What a match baendeumyeong to us at that time, 'KLAFF !!' Where jitna dog.
We decided to baendeumyeong unanimously.
The same idea, the same song every day. It is believed that repeated all the original producer met through the creation Busan Music Music support small business.
Everything was garbled until now was the moment to moment.
KlaFF a band of no-limit so the world began.

In 2016, the second leap of KlaFF Following the first single 'Wake up me!' Dream of the world's best 'The dreamer'
KlaFF has been a marathon with no finish line without stopping only to achieve a dream.
Ll make the mistake to think that they are useless and lyrics that sound like a bitter towards KlaFF at the time did not fail to progress chinghae grow together,
The song can give them empathy for others, and I think that this degeneration.
'You can follow your conviction'
He believes himself did not find them singing towards the branch of life.

'The dreamer'
La lend their dreams. Thou dreams.

KlaFF - The Dreamer (Original Mix)