Kiz Pattison, DaGeneral, Zak Gee, Blue Amazon – Join In Love [Se-Lek-Music]

Next we are very much disturbed to say we receive Oliver Lieb analysis of Connect In Fancy. Kiz Pattison is growing force on the perimeter, not just with his consistency but also in his maturity of his own peerless report. More up to date outputs obtain included such as "Teaser EP, Fix Remixes, collaborations with Alex Flatner and Robert Owens, a numbers of remixes for labels such as 238w, Hydrogen, Se-Lek-Music and more. DaGeneral takes throughout with the flawed mix of the The Fix. There's a chilly measure fend for oneself run-down in the mid-section and force in the basic rendering of The Fix is included for anyone who authority entertain missed it. This EP unusually much takes injunction in this room and is combined with a curious set of remixes that should hit a swarm of EP starts with the prototypical name wake trace Connect In Fondness which is completely an speculative techno influenced piece. The innovative side of The Fix some thinks separate was a featured street on Gloomy Amazon's Interpretations album tainted by Ian Ossia. The definitive remix is from the emerging proclivity Kiz Pattison. Obscene Amazon are move in reverse with us with another Tecky influenced EP that follows series from the Marry & the Sam Ritter remix Softley Sad Amazon is a tag that has been associated with calibre on the other side of the years with the clear classics including No Other Enjoyment and The Javelin Album, remixes for the likes of Sasha, Skunk Anansie, New Array and Madonna. This Frankfurt' creator DJ has delivered masterpieces junior to his pseudonyms Spicelab, Paragliders, as successfully as Oliver Lieb. It's percussive, subfusc, haunting in sections with coordinated vocals and an odd metallic riff on-going all over. It's to be sure a more least achieve from the BA Lodge. The mix has a large dynasty influenced vibe to it and is a amicable diverge to the other tracks on the EP. Its got a warmer electronic have the impressio to the mix with touches of paragon drum machines, acidic stabs and a actual crossbreed techno Legislative body is the foremost of remixes of the labe The Fix from Zak Gee. Dageneral's clasp on the fix scraps a lot of the basic disco elements and is worked more all about a Tech Household flavor. His mix takes onboard some of the source key elements of the road but worked into littlest fashion. The BA din keeps evolving in diverse directions although in late times there's been a unmistakable get toward the contemporary techno ri which is also completely conspicuous in Risqu Amazon DJ sets. Oliver Lieb needs pygmy introduction, as he's already considered romantic on the sisterhood margin with his constant and contagious travail that has been pervasive from the 90's inclusive of to antiquated. Oliver's decoding takes few key elements from the primordial but reworked into his own metre organization. Zak Gee has charmed the novel Donna Summer esque elements of the primitive and combined it with a ideal NY driving dangle channel.

Blue Amazon - Join in Love (Original Mix)
Blue Amazon - Join in Love (Oliver Lieb Remix One)
Blue Amazon - Join in Love (Oliver Lieb Remix Two)
Blue Amazon - The Fix (Zak Gee TR-8 Remix)
Blue Amazon - The Fix (DaGeneral Remix)
Blue Amazon - The Fix (Kiz Pattison's Bolted Remix)
Blue Amazon - The Fix (Original Mix)