Kino – The Ianvestment [Mondotunes]

And thanks to you tube and all the beatmakers for these beats confirm your emails. This is the IanVestment the dawning for 8th Admiration LLC. Kino Gandei AKA IanDoe is a gigantic artist with music of all kinds. Thanks to All the kindred and compeer that stuck by us by way of this ruff roads. Thanks goes to God and all his Angels that has agreed-upon us the honourable routes.

Kino - Intro (Get This Cheese) (Original Mix)
Kino - Calls (Original Mix)
Kino - Like the Rest feat. Jarae (Original Mix)
Kino - Gifted feat. Nolia Boy (Original Mix)
Kino - Incredible (Radio)
Kino - Most Hated feat. Falme (Original Mix)
Kino - Feels Good feat. Jarae (Original Mix)
Kino - Don't Forget feat. Jarae (Original Mix)
Kino - Opera feat. Jarae (Original Mix)
Kino - Whatever You Like feat. Jarae (Original Mix)
Kino - A Look (Original Mix)
Kino - Served (Original Mix)
Kino - Amazing (Original Mix)
Kino - Black Statistic (Original Mix)
Kino - Feeling Myself feat. Jarae (Original Mix)
Kino - Made (Original Mix)
Kino - Knowledge (Original Mix)
Kino - Volcano (Original Mix)
Kino - Bonus Tracks (Snippets) (Original Mix)
Kino - Evident (Original Mix)