Kiki Kyte – Disco Chick [SedSoul]

Hailing from the overgrown, fresh bucolic haven of the Carolinas, the now known artist and 70's stylish inspired Kiki Kyte organize herself catapulting her way to the fulgid lights of Hollywood. Disco Chick ist he 2nd Collab between Kiki Kyte and the European Boogie Handiwork Band Unexcitable Million Explicit Ryle & Rob Hardt. A Sovereign-Psyche, with a mellow vehicle and homegrown roots was at the last moment in her essential! Oldschool Disco at his superlative . With the budding and dovetail talents of being a unusual crooner, songwriter, and a hatchet man female drummer, Kiki's rambunctious ambience of uniqueness radiates undeniably fulgent, no stuff where she goes, people gravitate near her invigorating and stirring credits for the masterful Kiki would encompass the 80s groups The Mary Jane Girls Grammy bestowal sweet, Chaka Khan, in adding to her reference with the electrifying 80's gang Klymaxx Kiki is preforming and bringing a ring up all far the big apple of Los Angeles.

Kiki Kyte - Disco Chick (Original Mix)
Kiki Kyte - Disco Chick (Radio Edit)
Kiki Kyte - Disco Chick (Instrumental)