Kid Optimus – Beautiful Faults [Ehtraxx]

EHtraxx proudly presents the latest EP "Beautiful Faults" from Kid Optimus. In this three track (Beautiful Faults, Alpha & Kill Switch) release, the US based producer delivers a high energy vibe of Bass riffs and smooth, almost cinematic-like melodies. Just in time for festival season, the "Beautiful Faults" EP is a definite crowd pleaser! The 1st track of this epic EP is the self Titled "Beautiful Faults". Kid Optimus moves us with delightful arps, emotional cellos & ripping basslines. This track is beautifully crafted to get the dancefloor moving! "Kill Switch" is the 2nd track from Kid Optimus' 2016 EP "Beautiful Faults". This track features an enchanting intro, aggressive synths & heavy baselines. "Kill Switch" is a perfect opening track and is a must for any hard Electro House dj alike! The last (but certainly not least) track of the "Beautiful Faults" EP from Kid Optimus is "Alpha". The US based producer helps you get people jumping with this blend of Break & House beats together with soft melodies & hard basslines. Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

Kid Optimus - Beautiful Faults (Original Mix)
Kid Optimus - Kill Switch (Original Mix)
Kid Optimus - Alpha (Original Mix)