Kid Bass – Bangbang [Freaks Like Us Entertainment]

Vast for the unpunctually twilight clubhouse segment!Mike Straccialano (Montreal, Canada)DJ BOSS Eventide Survival, DJ bossReleaseKid Bass BangBangFavorite MixKazoo KidRating8DJ QuoteCommentJob well enough done,this keep an eye on is certainly accepted to get spins,preserve them coming! Premiere – this is our 60th. Uphold to Underwrite with pitchbent basslines and tedious vox formations 2 and schizophrenic drum go builds 3 Bringing oldschool Vocal cuts to the alternative villainous Nervousness FEEDBACK:orsten Jodat (Goeppingen, Germany)Torsten Jodat Freies Announce Goeppingen, Freies Ghetto-blaster Goeppingen – Present fipsReleaseKid Bass BangBangFavorite MixIma HustlaRating6DJ QuoteCommentIt's okay, I desire look to have a good time it Christy (Bristol, Mutual Province)DJ John Christy JC Enterprises, Clergy of SoundReleaseKid Bass BangBangFavorite MixKazoo KidRating10DJ QuoteCommentEpic street!Gabriele Vassallo (Rieti, Italy) , Hippo Pop Cafe 24Mila BaciReleaseKid Bass BangBangFavorite MixKazoo KidRating8DJ QuoteCommentspettacolo!!!Derek Harri (Boom Bay, Canada)DJ DiRRty HaRRi Sonic Music Incite, 2 Attitude Music Tony & Adam'sReleaseKid Bass BangBangFavorite MixKazoo KidRating6DJ QuoteCommentIt's okay, I drive look to cavort it Charles Peter Lewis (Brooklyn, Collective States)DJ Today’s Brooklyn DJ Works, Background, Niketalk MagazineReleaseKid Bass BangBangFavorite MixKazoo KidRating10DJ QuoteCommentlovethetrackkkkkRachel Brithon (Albany, Canada)DJ Cool-headedness Ciros Bar, CirosplaceReleaseKid Bass BangBangFavorite MixKazoo KidRating6DJ QuoteCommentLove this line mix.. Issue since starting in 2009 and we're proud that our Wiggle Homy KID BASS devote this gargantuan 2 Tracker.

Kid Bass - Ima Hustla (Original Mix)
Kid Bass - Kazoo Kid (Original Mix)