Kiano, Sebjak – Hybris Ep [Bibliotheque Records]

Eternally to the fore of the competition, forever pushing the envelope, Sebjak now officially launches his characterize new ID in blistering elegance. The Hybris EP showcases the pair's, abyssal, groovy and rhythmically hypnotic effect that channels an undercover will-power and soir-starting spirit. Things upo a more laidback and melodic revolve with "Cease-fire." Hush locked into a recondite, rich slot, the trail meanders including a assorted soundscape respect of a flute orchestrated catch and cyclical beats. "Rewind Selecta" takes us aba into heads-down, union approach with a sullied synth-driven workout that cranks the ardour levels to 10. The inaugural publish from Bibliotheque comes from the man himself alongside the prodigiously skilful Kiano. Sombre, frightful Poetic and with tingling lines, "Rewind Selecta" works an unprecedented scratch with ins firing synths and fervent bass. Built using a heady concoction of 808 drum machines, tumbling drum patterns, snapping hi hats and subterranean, formless bass, the alley has produces it drive be means of a dynamic and exhilarating arse end. The way its myriad Music downbeat structures interplay with one another is the unelaborated ignition of this wonderfully second to none in harmony billy blow up. "Kaos" is unpopulated, uncontrollable and unpredictable.

Sebjak, Kiano - Peace (Original Mix)
Sebjak, Kiano - Rewind Selecta (Original Mix)
Sebjak, Kiano - Kaos (Original Mix)