Ki.Mi., Mario Aureo, FREE.D – Thinking Fast & Slow [Hidden Vibes]

FREE.D is dropping his new killer EP on Moscow based label Hidden Vibes. Just after the success of the heavy tech release «Liberate Your Mind» remixed by Rhadow FREE.D is pushing again live instruments in his track. Her Majesty Cello this time recorded live and mixed with a variety of deep synth grooves. Take a deep breath before you jump is just about «Thinking FastandSlow» EP – the atmospheric synth vibe overflows through your brain then suddenly interrupted with groove-heavy synth and live cello – all these for welcoming you on the dance floors. Brilliant remix support from Mario Aureo who redesigned the whole composition delivering absolutely amazing new vision of the track and then talent shoots with a very detailed work full of mystic samplesandfx – a really state of art remix with great swung melodies inside.

FREE.D - Thinking Fast & Slow (Original Mix)
FREE.D - Thinking Fast & Slow (Mario Aureo Remix)
FREE.D - Thinking Fast & Slow (Ki.Mi. Remix)