KI Creighton – The Journey Ep [Circus Recordings]

With acid squall being decisively set up for those big ridge rhythm moments, while the make is more melodic and harmonious winning expanding Kis repertoire more distant. After 20 years of djing and now carving out an unstoppable charge with releases on the worlds finest labels, anticipated music Statistics, 8bit and his own Call of no mistake Ki is sic a man on a purpose

Remixes coming for Roger Sanchez, Thesis Masters & Bontan and remakes upright released for illyus & barrientos & Worthwhile7, Kis music is in the boxes of every consequential dj thither the life. With 20 years trial the music on the EP make known a separate orbit. jam hot (which has been massive recently in Kis sets) is a moping percussive led groover with sagacious vocal sample and subway elements. Ki Creighton, catchy much the chum of Yousef makes his gorged EP coming out on Circus Recordings. Hold Ki Creighton at Circus, Elrow, room, Depository Scheme, UBER closing, Sub Caba, Heinz Gaul (Cologne) papayago (gran canaria) Haze

Distributed by Strikeforce 360 Media

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KI Creighton - The Journey (Original Mix)
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