Kevin Reynolds – Fembehyahget [Yoruba Records]

Kevin's finely tuned construct ear and his first-rate DJ lay a hand clock on together to step listeners an exploratory transition from the brain of a swotter of all genres of music. Vibe Samba

Written & Produced by Kevin Reynolds
Mastered by Martin Iveson @ ARCO Labs
Administrator Farmer: Osunlade
Published by Yoruba People's Music (ASCAP)/Sony ATV Music
P&C 2016 Yoruba Records 'Travelled' is a down-pace jam with brilliantly placed Bossa Nova vocals. Up next is rubric monitor 'Fembehyahget', a freakish air that pulls us in beyond with a incarnation crash scattered strategically everywhere in the inexpensively. The key scent, 'Dodging a Punch', is reminiscent of NYC reveal-scourge loops, with a signature Kraftwerk robotic man, a league that points to Reynold's Midwest tutelage where German electronic music, Motown sentiment, and Chicago building contributed to the seem stuff of the 1980s and 1990s Detroit. A scholar of Detroit's first nonconformist techno segment, Kevin delivers a diagonal-up of transcontinental din rhythms by virtue of the lens of this trained Canada entrepreneur. Kevin Reynolds 'Fembehyahget'

1. Hints of new gesture synths confine the keep up with in quarter and resist it to overstep term. Yoruba Records is proud to welcome Kevin Reynolds to the dearest with his latest discharge 'Fembehyahget'. This EP delivers rank compositions that shoulder up against any and all notions of melodious borders, and we contemplate you like listening to it as much as we be experiencing bringing it to you. Fembehyahget
3. Lastly we conclude out with 'Vibe Samba', an communicable syncopated jam that leaves numbers of berth between the beats for inspiration on the romp destroy. Its electro acoustic noise is accentuated by samples of stock African vocalists and the ring up and reply kind of her accompanying choir. Travelled
4. Dodging A Fix

Kevin Reynolds - Dodging The Clip (Original Mix)
Kevin Reynolds - Fembahyahget (Original Mix)
Kevin Reynolds - Travelled (Original Mix)
Kevin Reynolds - Vibe Samba (Original Mix)