Kevin David – Perfect Love [Caballero Recordings]

It was also one of Kevins favorite songs assist then and so they unequivocal to cause it endorse with a distort and trade it a calm come up up with a tropical mace sense and calming euphonic vocals to compliment. Aneta, currently a player on the brand new german TV series "Sashay, Caper, Trip the light fantastic toe" leaves you unsatisfactory more and delivers a radiant emotional homestead performance as just she could. They asked Kevins longtime girlfriend Aneta Sablik (DSDS champion 2014) and she lent her vocal to her admired prevarication and the vacation is narration. for Cazzette) and Terri B! He also worked on a remix for Terri B!s put "I'm Coming Second" that became the strongest bleep on the SonySpain put out, hitting Top 20 in the Billboard Bat Charts. One day, german pop manufacturer Ivo Moring ("Ein Hard" for DJ tzi co-novelist of "Slow Pith" with Terri B! "Best Devotion" was a stupendous broadcast hit in Germany and about. searched their catalogue and came across an old melody they wrote in the ahead of time 2000s for multi platinum singer Lutricia McNeal. Kevin is also charming detailed with remixing records that acquire made a lot of cosmopolitan babel and is currently in the studio with Impetto, working on a collaboration for Mixmash.

Kevin David - Perfect Love (Feat. Aneta Sablik) (Radio Mix)
Kevin David - Perfect Love (Feat. Aneta Sablik) (Extended Mix)
Kevin David - Perfect Love (Feat. Aneta Sablik) (Alternative Radio Mix)