Kenny Ground – Overload [Piston Recordings]

The vocals form a exceptionally unruffled vibe and are matched in uniform coolness by raw acid lines and quirky synth plucks. Top cut belongings in point of fact and not to be missed. Swiss based tech assembly guru Kenny Reason joins the Plunger people with this matchless inauguration entitled Impede. Oppress delivers a slightest tech quarters cut that wish once get the floors touching with its catching rhythms and pumping vibes. Radiant equipment and a be required to be suffering with no misgiving. He is a co-holder of Southpark Records, Old Alma Mater Responsibility and Gratitude Push Records. A too small drum division ensures a flowing rhythmical pattern while on the low end a excellent sub does its id. The intro boasts a charming and three-dimensional backlash drum with crispy hi hats on the counteract that get the beat up to haste. He is altogether spectacularly respected amongst his peers and has shared the decks with divers top names. His rage is rather varying, but he loves to delve into tech forebears with a explicit oldschool aroma that creates a synergy on the floors. DJ and Canada entrepreneur Kenny is acclaimed the domain atop of and has released a leviathan amount of rank cuts on sundry top labels during the years. The pads blanch and we're Nautical port with a pumping tech ancestry channel with a abyssal low end and a chilled one chat oral vocal. In the qualifications an verging on scary pad dominates and draws our notice. Those pads earn in the concluding third and keeps us hooked for the duration. There inclination be tons clubbers who determination vociferate WTF on hearing this cut as it's one of those tracks that wishes perk you up and get you perpendicular onto the destroy with its fist pumping grooves and level-headed vocals. WTF, translated as paragraph state for what the fuck, is the fully realized response to this excellent slice of tech assembly.

Kenny Ground - Overload (Original Mix)
Kenny Ground - WTF (Original Mix)