Ken Desmend, Costa Mp, Brown Bull, Steven Blair – We Ar 1 [AILA RECORDS]

This is the first compilation brought to you by AILA Records to celebrate a hugely successful first year.

The ethos behind the label was a simple one: if we dance to it, it's signed. As such, the creators behind some of the hugely successful releases that made us move kindly focused their talents on creating something special for this occasion.

It is with great pride that we present 'We AR 1'.

Steven Blair - The Pie Of Disappointment (Original Mix)
Mike Jackson - Disbeleaf (Original Mix)
Mogi Wa Wa - The Trip (Dreaming of Rhodes) (Original Mix)
Nic Francis - Freq You (Original Mix)
Stratis Mantzoros - We Are Ready To Fly (Original Mix)
Against Me - Black Dreams (Original Mix)
Brown Bull - Up To The Top (Original Mix)
Costa Mp - Ecelande (Original Mix)
Ken Desmend - Window Of Time (Original Mix)