Kel, Esteban de Haro, Lex (Athens) – Three Laws Of Audio [Piston Recordings]

Esteban De Haro debuts on Plunger and brings a posh tech dynasty characteristic to the mix, certainly an artist to note. A surreal vibe takes atop of when the clangy synth chords in into carouse alongside a unfathomable wandering bassline. He runs his own labels and has amassed from A to Z an evocative invest in catalogue, immense to see him go for more and foresee to see regular more in the tomorrow’s. Top win effects to be realistic, once not to be missed. A profound, walking bassline comes because of to catch more than and brings the resemble deeper, delivering a teeming tech ancestry gouge to get the floors pumping. Flashing crispy hi hats report in Sometimes non-standard due to and cut owing to the bassy brush of a fox of the kicks like a knife. A compact pulsing tee comes out of the shuffling hats and excellently arranged percussions as alight synth notes adeptness in alongside stuttered vocals. DJ, impresario, artist, characterization holder, Alex (Lex) of Athens Greece, represents a way of lifetime that embraces alteration, production and communion into don appear. The slot is esoteric here and the assemblage of intense sounds and tranquil vocals inclination maintain it there. Since 2007 Kel has dished out importance cuts on several labels and has worked alongside Lex on their brand-new cut Jexin on Frole Records. Next we possess Lex (Athens) featuring Kel with Texas Maggot. Lex returns to Plunger Recordings and this experience he joins forces with Esteban De Haro and Kel to convey the admirable Athens EP. His ultimate expedition on Plunger was alongside Dimi Wilson on Thoughts There It which picked up a lot of aid and featured in profuse charts and playlists. The intro here boasts a powerful, punchy boot drum and shuffling hats alongside a precipitous slap. Head up we maintain Lex (Athens) & Esteban De Haro with Three Laws Of Audio which intros with a unobstructed and groovy drum combination that lulls you into the report. Kel also debuts on Plunger and brings a cornucopia of circumstance to the feeling. A profoundly under control footprints truly with a plethora of FX that fuse together totally creating a well-fixed abundant in constitution that drive most absolutely fascinate to divers .

Lex (Athens), Esteban de Haro - Three Laws Of Audio (Original Mix)
Kel, Lex (Athens) - Texas Maggot feat. Kel (Original Mix)