KCPK, TWRR – At Least We Had Fun [HRCLS Records]

Since their beggining TWRR has been regarded by influencial blogs (Stereogum, The Fader, RCRD LBL, …) as a weighty belt. The music video of Drinking-water Frozen has been attempt by the comtemporary phtographer Ruben Brulat. TWRR comes subvene in October 2016 with their ahead album album « At Least We Had Fun ». The two Parisian s music is a mixing of percussions, aerial voices, shoegaze guitars and fervent keyboards. Today TWRR comes abet armed with a acrid know-how of shows (Paris, New York, Milan, Bruxelles, …). Elementary previews already met a resounding happy result in Brazil and in the US. The performance Explanations is the music for the Novo Aircross Citroen s advertising in Brazil and Argentina.

TWRR - Explanations (Original Mix)
TWRR - Pizza Yolo (Original Mix)
TWRR - Feels Like Home (Original Mix)
TWRR - Water Frozen (Original Mix)
TWRR - A Man That I Don't Know (Original Mix)
TWRR - Far and High (Original Mix)
TWRR - xxx HATE xxx (Original Mix)
TWRR - The Tide (Original Mix)
TWRR - On My Own (Original Mix)
TWRR - Always Around (Original Mix)
TWRR - Funeral (Original Mix)
TWRR - xxx HATE xxx (Kcpk Remix)