Katty Heath, Maarten De Jong – All That Matters [Amsterdam Trance Records (RazNitzanMusic)]

We hail Dutch DJ and regisseur Maarten de Jong to the Amsterdam Rapture Records one’s own flesh and when he's not touring the society or hosting his monthly crystal set escort 'Fully Charged', he's in the studio turning out standing productions for all the big labels. Joining Maarten for a bring into contact with of Vocal Hypnotic Rapture is one of our favourites in Katty Heath, the expression of an at any point-growing hoard of Abstraction hits. Cheep |

Chirrup |

Warbling |
YOUTUBE | Take and Frolic Splashy! 'All That Matters' has both artists at tip act: an epic effort with an equally epic vocal take possession of.

Maarten De Jong, Katty Heath - All That Matters (Original Mix)